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About Me

          y name is Hollie Berry and I am an accomplished entrepreneur and artist. My husband and I moved to Red Bank from NorthShore five years ago and have fallen in love with the small-town feel and our friendly neighbors. At my studio is here in Red Bank I'm known for creating my unique "torch paintings"


in which I burn images into raw wood using propane torches. In addition to studio and commission work, I've also participated in a number of public art projects including the McCallie Walls Mural Project, River City Company's Open Spaces interactive art installation project and I served as the Local Team Leader on the monumental mural on MLK Blvd. in downtown Chattanooga. I've also spent some time teaching as an ArtsBuild artist in residence in Hamilton County elementary schools where no regular art instructor was available to our students. I live with my engineer husband of fourteen years, three cats, and a hedgehog.



   Creating the Future of Red Bank Together   

"Fellow candidate Stefanie Dalton and I are running side by side for the District 2 and District 1 seats, respectively. We share the platform below, so if you like any of these ideas you can double the power of your vote by voting for both of us! (Every Red Bank voter is eligible to vote for all three open commission seats)"


Invest in Learning Opportunities.

We want to invest in our future through educational opportunities for all of our residents. Specifically, we envision creating a city-wide preschool program that would reduce daycare expenses, improve work flexibility for parents with young children, as well as boost kindergarten readiness. Additionally, we also want to work towards building a local Red Bank Library branch to give all our citizens access to reading materials, internet, and community resources. In the meantime, we plan to partner with the Chattanooga Public Library to restore access to no-cost library cards that are no longer provided to our residents by Hamilton County.

Support Local Businesses 

Almost one-third of our revenue as a city is generated by sales tax. That's why making our businesses as strong as possible and encouraging more small, locally owned businesses to put down roots here in Red Bank will be good for all of us. If we can make Red Bank a destination for shopping, dining, and recreation, we can generate more revenue and offer more services for our citizens without raising property taxes. Our fantastic local businesses like Mojo Burrito, Bread and Butter, and Be Caffeinated not only reinvest a much higher percentage of their profits back into the local economy than national chains, but they also add to our city's unique character and identity.

Smart development for the future of Red Bank

We are all ready for a walkable, bikeable Red Bank. We are ready for curbside recycling and access to public transportation. With less than 1/4 of our citizens able to walk to a city park within 10 minutes of their home, we also are in desperate need of more centrally located and neighborhood parks throughout the city. One ideal location on the top of everyone's mind is the old Red Bank Middle School Property on Dayton Blvd. The #1 request we hear our neighbors asking to see in that space is a public park and community hub that all Red Bank residents can enjoy. With its central and highly visible location it would make an ideal gathering place for farmer's markets, festivals, live music, movies in the park, and more. Unfortunately, the current Request For Proposals as published by the city does not seem to reflect these community desires. It states that the city wishes to sell the land in its entirety to private developers. There is no language protecting any part of that 11.12-acre lot as publicly accessible green space. If elected, I pledge to advocate for community-focused development that prioritizes quality of life and property value improvements over developer profits. We have one shot to develop our last open space in downtown Red Bank. We hold the power. What we allow to be built there will define the identity of our city for generations to come.

Let's do it right. 


With the election so close, our campaign is counting on YOUR support!



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